What it takes to improve your child's math grade?

The fun and easy math

The revolutionary virtual math tutoring software

MathLike is an exceptional way for any child to learn math easily and quickly.

MathLike is just like having a math tutor on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because MathLike will walk your child through mathematical problems and will give your child the help he or she needs in all aspects relating to math problems, solutions and getting to the root of each math problem.

MathLike even provides scoring for tests and homework problems!

There is simply not a better way for your child to become proficient in difficult math problems than with MathLike.

Overcoming the fear of math

The fun and easy math

Gaining confidence

The reality is that many children, young and old, struggle on a daily basis with challenging math problems that are just too hard to comprehend.

MathLike is especially designed to make the student feel comfortable while learning math. It is intuitive, fun and enjoyable to use, as well as being fully animated with plenty of sound effects.

Your child can practice at his or her own pace while MathLike patiently guides through the problem solution at every step on the way and is ready with a click of a button to provide help whenever he or she are stuck and don't know or not sure how to continue.

Learning the fundamentals and use it in math test

The fun and easy math

The student participates in the solution process

As a virtual math tutor on duty, Mathlike guides your child at any given problem while providing explanations at each step on the way.

The control is at the hand of your child as he or she are given the full opportunity to participate, explore and seek for the accurate answers themself.

Through practicing MathLike at his or her own paste, your child is trained to memorize the mathematical principles and apply them later on when taking math tests to elevate his or her grade.

Improving your child's weak math subjects

The fun and easy math

Strengthening the weak subjects

Your child can select which subjects he or she needs to improve (e.g., subtracting fractions or multiply decimal numbers) and use MathLike to achive the level of perfection in those subjects.

Your child can select the suitable difficulty level and MathLike will practice him or her over and over in those aeras and give a score for each problem solved.

Get homework help

Your child can enter homework problems or type in any other math problem in a free form and MathLike will guide him or her for every problem entered.

Math subjects list

Check the math subjects listed per grade:

Get your child his own virtual math tutor

The software is free to use
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A new option was added to let the user mark the operation he wants to solve for the stage, instead of having only the software selects the operation


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